About Greg Sykes FSBCPV

Greg Sykes is a family man who understands and appreciates the role God plays. For over 14 years Greg has lived a pious life in the worship of his lord and has led by example through his dedication to his commercial electrical career.

Greg Sykes FSBCPV

When a man or woman puts their efforts into work, it makes the universe a better place for all. If one attempts to shirk their responsibilities or deceive his employer or clients he is in fact, only deceiving himself.

What to Expect
Your past does not define your future! Come as you are to worship with us. We Love People and Let God Work!
We offer two services: Traditional and Contemporary

Electrical Resources: Christian Based Faith

A trusted Christian Angie’s List Contractor

Article on christian today chronicling importance of Christ in Home Improvement, not just the home.

Thought piece on why God should remain in the workplaceĀ 


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How To Grow a Bible Study.
Be prepared- Know your lesson and your teaching aim.
Be a shepherd- Lovely guide your people.
Be consistent-Treat your role as a calling; because it is!
Be loving – Go out of your way to show people you care.
Be relational – Know your people outside of the classroom as well inside.
Be engaging- As you teach, get other to talk and share.
Be watchful- Be on the look out for people to invite to your class
Be an example- Model the expected behavior.
Be careful – Guide your lesson and the discussion around your lesson only.
Be evangelistic – Share the gospel at any and every opportunity.